Who We Are

Our Mission

Uniserve is a customer focused IT Services and Solutions Company devoted to helping small and medium sized businesses. We see ourselves as partners with our customers and our employees. Our goal is responsible growth, sustained profitability, and to provide an extraordinary service experience for our customers.

Our Vision

We expect to provide our customers with an exceptional service experience from the start. Our customer focused team, using the industry’s best technology available for support and management, is dedicated to being the best they can be and to continuously improve our services.


Our Continued Drive to Help

For our clients, it’s not just technology. At Uniserve, we believe there’s a better way to deliver IT support services to small and medium sized businesses. We want to offer you Enterprise Quality Support at a price you can afford. If you manage a small to mid-sized business or non-profit organisation, then you’re all too aware of the challenges involved in managing your computer systems. Out of control monthly costs, incessant training and overhead requirements, turnover, frequent technology upgrades are just a few examples. But what are your options?

Your option is Uniserve IT Solutions. Our team of professionals provides affordable IT Support and Management for small and mid-sized organisations. Whether you’re running an office under 5 people or over 300, our services and solutions are accessible, cost-efficient and fully customisable.

It’s not an easy task- success never is. But we’re here to help…

Our Customer care, Our Service Desk

Customer care is more than just a helpdesk – it’s about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, providing personal attention and giving you answers to questions that make you more productive.

Our Service Desk ensures your issues are resolved quickly and accurately. With a quick call or email, you’ll receive personal support from one of our representatives, a technical expert trained to find and fix your IT problems quickly. Our experts are always here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Contact Uniserve today to see how we can help you with IT.