Proactive Monitoring Services


Proactive Systems and Network Monitoring

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Uniserve proactively monitors your system’s critical information. Our Remote Monitoring and Management system enables our staff to easily extract, review, and manage critical system information.

We’re also automatically notified of any system anomalies, so we’re able to address any issues that arise before they become a disruptive problem. The result? We dramatically reduce system disruptions, onsite IT support time and costs, and improve system performance.

IT Backup Report Monitoring

Data backup is our most important disaster recovery precaution. We receive system backup reports daily, and automatically sort them to immediately identify problems. Once a month, random file restoration test will be performed to ensure the data backup can be restored properly.

Automated Anti-Virus and Performance Maintenance

We design our computer systems to remotely monitor daily automatic maintenance tasks such as daily anti-virus scans, disk defragmentation, and disk clean-ups. These procedures run daily, and ensure that your computer systems are running at optimum performance.

Network and Server Routine Tasks Automation

Automating routine manual tasks is the key to keeping a finely tuned and secure computer network. You can’t ignore computer security or performance maintenance, but you also don’t want to employ technical staff to manually perform it on a regular basis.

Below is just some of the current features of our monitoring system.  We also continually develop and improve our processes to provide the best technical result as efficiently as possible.

  • Fully automated, recurring, complete hardware inventory, software inventory and audits
  • Fully automated patch management software
  • Fully automated system management
  • LAN discovery
  • System monitoring and alerts
  • Comprehensive, integrated management reporting
  • Ensuring network devices are continually up and running
  • Proactively monitoring network and server devices

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