Helpdesk Services


Helpdesk Services

Your business revolves around the technology you use, and when something goes wrong, it can derail an entire project. Your employees are frustrated, and searching for answers is time being wasted. With Uniserve, our experienced Helpdesk technicians, you can avoid this disaster.

Whether something’s gone horribly wrong with an employee’s PC, or you need a quick fix for a minor glitch, our focus is getting you on the phone with a real person as soon as possible. We use phone, email and remote tools to resolve any problems that may arise.

Uniserve supports our clients based on the ITIL framework. Our helpdesk team members are experienced in IT services industry, and we support our clients based on the commonly recognized industry standards.

Best of all, our Helpdesk is fully staffed with talented technicians with the technical and procedural training required to resolve your issue. We’re available from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, and there is always a qualified person available to take your call.

Our helpdesk team is able to support clients in multiple locations with English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and French as the supporting languages.

Contact Uniserve today to see how we can help you with IT.