Cloud Services – Microsoft and Amazon


Cloud Services – Microsoft and Amazon

Cloud computing represents a massive change away from monolithic, single-purpose platforms, towards flexible and scalable virtual environments. This shift began with servers, but is quickly extending to the client, application, network and storage.


As this transition continues to gain momentum, IT plans must be changed in the context of this new world order. Perpetuating conventional IT paradigms is simply not an option.

While cloud computing is easier to maintain once deployed, it is a complex architecture, incorporating not only servers, but the storage, backup, security, network, and disaster recovery environments. This complexity demands significant planning and the right partner for proper execution.

Microsoft Office 365

To assist business daily operation, Microsoft Office 365 supports a maximum of 300 users, which allows you stay productive and collaborate easily across teams, devices and platforms. Apart from having familiar office suite like Word, Excel, PowerPoint Outlook etc., you can now connect with your teams no matter where they are with flexible online services. Users can easily share and access documents from anywhere with 1 TB cloud storage via OneDrive.

There are effective tools provided to enhance connection across teams and projects via SharePoint, Yammer and Delve. For business, Office 356 can ensure a high level of security with all your data and benefit to the administration team with reliable support.

Cloud Solutions through Azure and Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are regarded as the leading infrastructure service clouds, and both offer similar capabilities to some degree, along the lines of computer, storage, networking as well as relational database.

To ensure your strict compliance needs, Amazon and Microsoft have dedicated Government areas of their respective clouds, cordoned off from the rest of their workloads.

For initial users, both vendors offer free introductory tier before starting the regular plan. So, why not try the amazing cloud service to enjoy the great openness and flexibility along with your business?

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