IT Training


IT Training

We have qualified and experienced Project Management Professionals offering the services under PMI, Prince2 methodologies.

We are experienced in managing projects in commercial, manufacturing, public utilities, government, banking, education, etc.

We manage numerous projects ranging from small, medium to large, complex and multi-million projects across multiple languages and with the different time zone.

We focus on customized IT training to our customers. IT training consists of:

  • General IT Training
  • IT security awareness training
  • Training materials

General IT Training

Training can generate a positive effect in terms of employee performance and productivity. Periodic training and learning opportunities are an investment that will allow employees to prosper, and develop their careers while giving your business a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market.

Uniserve’s training consultants will design and deliver tailored courses to meet the needs of your organization. Our consultants are experienced in training in multiple languages (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) and available across different time zones.

IT Security Awareness Training

In today’s competitive business environment, information is constantly under threat from various sources like internal, external, accidental, malicious and cyber attacks. With the increasing use of new technology to store, transmit, and retrieve information, opening up to an ever-increasing risk of threats, information systems need to be protected against unauthorized access or modification, whether in storage, processing or transit.

IT security awareness training is offered to all users and/or target to specific user groups. The primary focus will be on safe use of computers. It consists of the industry best practices and standards in using computers. Its major topics consist of but not limited to the following:

  • Importance of security
  • User awareness
  • Safe and secure user practices
  • Different layers of IT security
  • Physical security
  • Best practices on general safety use of computers

Our training consultants are also experienced in assisting HR departments of various organizations, by incorporating IT-related practices, as part of the new employee orientation program.

Training Materials

In line with customized IT training services, Uniserve also delivers tailore-made training materials.

These training materials can be delivered in the following formats:

  • Electronic formats
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Microsoft Word files, etc.
    • CD / DVD, USB, etc.
  • Hard copies
    • Training brochure
    • A quick reference guide, etc.

Depending on the needs of our clients, our training materials can be produced in multiple languages (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese).

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