IT Security


IT Security

Information security: it’s all about the layers

The world of IT security is a scary place, every day there are severe data breaches or a new piece of malware wreaking havoc in the IT world.  Your company IS a target, and an attack on your business can put you out of business.

Still, hardly can an IT service provider give 100% guarantee of a hacked-free system. However, here’s what we can do to minimize the risk

  • Provide you with the best tools we can find
  • Deploy them intelligently to reduce the chances an attacker will get through
  • Limit the damage malware can do if you are hacked
  • Respond quickly to eliminate any problems that occur

Multi-Layer Security Profile Components

Our industry-leading security tools include:

  • Anti-virus on all servers and endpoints to detect and block virus and malware
  • Anti-spam filters to block junk and malicious email before it gets to your email server
  • Internet policy enforcement to ensure your users are only going to safe sites
  • Data usage policy governs safety usage of data against virus/malware
  • End-user and IT security awareness training to help your users identify, avoid “social engineering” attacks and establish best practices on safe use of computers
  • Close monitoring of daily backup with random restoration test to secure data backup, ensuring systems can be restored quickly
  • End-user support to identify, clean, and restore your systems if malware rears its ugly head

We constantly monitor the industry to identify new and better tools to protect your users, IT infrastructure and data. Latest tools will usually implement to protect our clients’ system at no extra cost.

Your security is that important …. to you and to us.

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