IT Procurement and Fulfillment


IT Procurement and Fulfillment

“I need a new laptop and all the accessories.”

As your IT infrastructure grows and evolves, you might need to get a replacement or more equipment – and we’re here to help you get the right product whether it’s hardware or software you need.

Our process:

  1. A client contacts us with a request; it can be a new laptop, or a server upgrade, etc.
  2. We scope out what you need.
  3. We check with multiple suppliers to see who can get you the best price and delivery time. If we need to coordinate with other vendors, we do that as well.
  4. We provide you with a quote.
  5. With your approval, we place the order.
  6. The new equipment is shipped to your location or shipped to our office for pre-configuration prior to delivery and install.

Our procurement team works with our support team, and are familiar with all the intricacies of your IT systems.

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