IT Move and Relocation Services


IT Move and Relocation Services

When it comes to office relocations, problems can pop up unexpectedly with technology. Even a tiny little mistake when re configuring systems at a new location can cause unnecessary downtime on business productivity and functionality.

To ensure your information systems function well during when relocating, have an experienced IT professional oversee your technology move. With Uniserve, we can help eliminate your moving stress and make sure your IT works flawlessly in your new place.

With our IT relocation experiences, we’re well qualified to handle your business move from planning all the way through execution. We handle everything, from transferring your internet and phone service to setting up your entire network.

One of the most common, yet complex, tasks facing IT management is a move from one physical location to another. It requires a great deal of time, effort and expertise to successfully complete a move. Unfortunately, overworked and thinly staffed IT groups usually do not have the time or personnel to effectively move an entire IT infrastructure from one location to another. Uniserve can provide the additional project planning and support you need the following areas:

We’ve successfully completed many moves for numerous companies and organizations, why not yours? For a thoughful business relocation services, Uniserve is your solution.

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