Get the Most Business Benefits with Microsoft Teams

What makes a good business benefit? Does it have to directly contribute to financial gains, or employee engagement? Whether it’s financial or non-financial, an ideal business benefit should be an outcome of an action or decision that contributes to achieving business objectives.


These actions involve investing on tools that could boost employee performance and productivity. And when it comes to productivity, Microsoft’s Office 365 is top of mind. This includes Teams, the suite’s messaging app.


We’ve listed down the top reasons why using Teams as your official messaging app is the best tool for a streamlined communication in the workplace.


  • Share everything in a common space.

Apart from its messaging features, Microsoft Teams has all the components of Office 365 integrated in one common space. This means that everyone can all review a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet at the same time, as everything in the Office Suite is brought together, and can be viewed in the Teams app.


  • Highly Customizable

Teams can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. It gives you platforms with options for extensibility and open APIs, with general availability. With added support from Microsoft, your company will be able to create and customize the applications and other services to integrate with Microsoft Teams.


  • Scheduling Features

Virtual meetings are a cost-effective and vital platform for today’s businesses. In Teams, you can view your scheduled meetings, its time, agenda, and the attendees. You also have the option to do a video call, text, or go for a voice call. These features are also available in the mobile app for both Android and iOS.



  • Organized Channels

With Team’s compartmentalized channels, you can easily sort through your messages, depending on their urgency and priority level. This feature enables you to avoid getting side-tracked with random messages, and spend time on the channels where you must address more urgent tasks.


  • Improved Security

Security is one of Team’s features that sets it apart from the pack. By using any of Office 365’s platform services, you are assured to be provided with top of the line security and compliance capabilities. Teams is also a part of Microsoft’s global network of data centers which have a transparent operational model. With these advantages, Microsoft Teams has proven to be an effective collaboration and communication platform. Elevate your overall productivity by investing on Office 365, and get long-term business benefits to achieve significant business growth.