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Cloud vs On-Premise: Which server is the best for your business?

New technologies have brought modern server options to businesses, promoting productivity and greater service. In the modern world of Enterprise IT, selecting the right business server could be a great ordeal – is it better to go for cloud-based or an on-premise server?


When it comes to IT infrastructure, “one size fits all” doesn’t apply. IT priorities depend entirely on what’s important to your business. As you set up your IT infrastructure, you will be faced with overwhelming decisions that will set the foundation for your company’s IT infrastructure. Our goal here is to ensure that you make the best choice for your business.


Before we head over to deliberating the best server type for your business, let’s first define what a server is. Basically, a server is a type of computer or device that allows the transformation of data. It delivers the information that your computer requests. Now that we’ve defined what a server is, let’s proceed to determining which one is the best for your business.


An on-premise server is the traditional way that people have purchased and used software. You need to pay the total cost up-front, receive a licensed product, to be installed by your IT Managed Services Provider, and run on your own server.


With an on-premise infrastructure, you need to own and manage your physical computer server, or servers, internally and complete all the back-ups and upgrades to the software. There are also costs to house the server – air conditioning, electricity, warranties, etc. An on-premise server is also available for users to access it online and remotely.


A cloud-based server, on the other hand, is a more modern and increasingly popular approach where a business pays a subscription to use the software, made available to them online via a server that is owned and managed by a cloud services provider. Cloud computing means the server infrastructure, security, data integrity, backups and updates are all managed by the cloud provider.


Whether you go for cloud or on-premise, you can get the best of both worlds when you have a stable and dependable IT infrastructure from a trusted IT Managed Services provider.


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Now that you know the servers’ key differences and benefits, it’s high time to decide which one best fits your business’ needs. Ultimately, your decision should be based on what will work best for your business, considering your budget, internal resources and future growth plans.


Drop us a line today, and let’s create the best fitting and sustainable IT infrastructure for your business.