5 Characteristics of a Modern Workplace

How time flies as we venture into a new decade.  And unsurprising, technology will progressively change again, including culture within the workplace.


The Modern Workplace is a transformation to a new digital technology. It stimulates a culture of open communication, effective collaboration even with longer distances between.


Discover the 5 Characteristics of a Modern Workplace:


1. Have a Mobile Workforce

The Modern workplace is not limited into a single location. It’s powered by advanced tools and platforms, where multiple teams separated geographically can continuously collaborate efficiently – as if they are working next to each other. Therefore, working remotely is one of the key aspects of the modern workplaces.


2. Collaborate Effectively

Collaboration, traditionally known as “working together” is one of the key elements of a successful team. Effective collaboration brings out the best of two or more individuals working together to get things done in the most efficient way. The O365 suite of collaboration tools empower teamwork within the modern workplace.  Primarily, Microsoft Teams provides instant messaging and audio / video chats for better collaboration. This also allows the team members to co-edit documents continuously, problem free from multiple versions of documents.



3. Smarter with their Data

Businesses, regardless of its size, acquire countless amounts of data within the organization and even externally from clients. As the complexity of data expands, many, if not most, of companies are leaning towards the modernization of data back-up and recovery through “Cloud Storage”.  The Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that helps organization in data storage with high level of security.


4. Belief in Open Communication

Establishing a successful modern workplace requires open communication. Significantly, open communication builds trust, prevents impending conflicts and resolves issues faster.  Aside from the conventional email and traditional office meeting, team members can constantly and quickly communicate through Microsoft Teams. Another part of O365 is Yammer, a private Social Media platform dedicated for businesses. This tool encourages group collaboration by hearing out employee’s voices and opinions.


5. Utilize Modern Tools

As technology constantly evolves, advanced workplace tools and platforms have been introduced to stimulate high-levels of productivity and efficiency. At times, management may be overwhelmed due to constant advancements but along with investing into better tools, they’re investing into an organization’s growth and equipping every employee to be motivated and getting ahead with the latest technology trend.


This is where you are headed when adapting a Modern Workplace. Start investing into your employees and with the latest workplace technologies.


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